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  Our popular SMS results service enables team captains to securely text in match results directly into the system, updating league tables and results automatically - removing a huge layer of work.  
Competition Administrators can opt to enable this service for league competitions or flexible cup competitions. The service costs £45 + VAT per competition per season.

Captains need to be appointed by their clubs, and must have mobile number on the system (which can be hidden from public view). As a Competition Administrator, you can see whether all captains are correctly set up for each competition, and also see a full audit trail of messages received, from whom, and when.

You can decide whether both captains may text in, or home captains only.

Chase messages are automatically sent to captains at times you pre-set - you can add a 'deadline' if you wish, as some leagues may wish to fine teams if they don't text in on time.

The instructions for captains to text in can be read in this support article.

They receive a response within a few seconds, either confirming the result entered, or advising if the message is not valid.

Competition Administrators receive a text when all results have been entered for a match day for a competition.

Also note:

- captains can only text in on the day of the match (up to midnight) 
- if they text incorrectly, they can text again to correct
- they can't text in postponements or other messages 
- the Competition Administrator can still change any results, at any time
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