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Hoxton Heat 66:77LMBL 12.10.14 16:15A SSC 
Brent Blazers Men 69:60LMBL 19.10.14 16:15H SSC 
City Stags Sr Men 80:55LMBL M Cup 26.10.14 16:15H SSC 
Hackney White Heat Sr Men 58:72LMBL 29.10.14 20:15A BA 
Alleyns Apaches 76:86LMBL 03.11.14 19:45A AS 
Lewisham Thunder 20:0LMBL 09.11.14 16:15H SSC 
Brent Blazers Men 60:51LMBL M Cup 23.11.14 16:15H SPA 
Newham Youngbloods Men 84:68LMBL 30.11.14 16:15H SSC 
Islington Panthers Men 1 69:53LMBL 07.12.14 16:15H SSC 
Metropolitan Police Giants 47:55LMBL 18.01.15 13:15A CWC 
London Dark Blues Men 49:67LMBL M Cup 24.01.15 18:15A PIM 
Metropolitan Police Giants 54:55LMBL 25.01.15 16:15H SSC 
Hoxton Heat 61:73LMBL 01.02.15 16:15H SSC 
Brent Blazers Men 100:97LMBL 07.02.15 15:00A WSC 
Hackney White Heat Sr Men 76:94LMBL 15.02.15 16:15H SSC 
Lewisham Thunder 80:71LMBL 25.02.15 20:00A LT 
Alleyns Apaches 71:68LMBL 08.03.15 16:15H SSC 
Newham Youngbloods Men 72:74LMBL 13.03.15 20:15A SAU 
Islington Panthers Men 1 54:56LMBL 21.03.15 14:00A SAC 
London Dark Blues Men 73:81LMBL 29.03.15 16:15H SSC 
London Dark Blues Men 65:52LMBL 11.04.15 18:15A PIM