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Hackney White Heat Sr Men 70:75LMBL MP 16.10.19 20:15A BLC 
London Dark Blues Men 64:71LMBL MP 27.10.19 16:15H SSC 
London Alpacas 78:82LMBL MP 10.11.19 16:15H SSC 
Camden Panthers Sr Men 96:82LMBL MP 17.11.19 16:15H SSC 
Erkenwald Sr Men 2:0LMBL MP 24.11.19 16:15H SSC 
GCA Hornets 82:68LMBL M Cup 01.12.19 16:15H SSC 
Hoxton Heat 40:0LMBL MP 08.12.19 16:15A SSC 
London Alpacas 64:77LMBL MP 08.01.20 20:20A LT 
Camden Panthers Sr Men 79:58LMBL MP 19.01.20 15:15A SCL 
Met Lions 80:82LMBL M Cup 26.01.20 16:15H SSC 
Soar Sports Men 72:75LMBL MP 31.01.20 20:15A UEL 
Hoxton Heat   LMBL MP 09.02.20 16:15H SSC 
Greenwich Giants 88:81LMBL MP 11.02.20 19:45A CWC 
Soar Sports Men   LMBL MP 01.03.20 16:15H SSC 
Hackney White Heat Sr Men   LMBL MP 08.03.20 16:15H SSC 
London Dark Blues Men   LMBL MP 14.03.20 11:15A CSF 
Greenwich Giants   LMBL MP 22.03.20 16:15H SSC 
Erkenwald Sr Men   LMBL MP 25.03.20 20:15A RFS