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Hammersmith UNBC   LMBL MD1 13.10.16 20:15A OSA 
London Thunder Kings 54:51LMBL MD1 23.10.16 16:15H SSC 
Islington Panthers Men 1 75:51LMBL MD1 06.11.16 16:15H SSC 
Islington Panthers Men 1 75:51LMBL M Cup 06.11.16 16:15H   
London Gators Men 88:55LMBL MD1 12.11.16 14:15A SSC 
Hoxton Heat 2:0LMBL M Cup 27.11.16 16:15A SSC 
Erkenwald Sr Men 60:71LMBL MD1 30.11.16 20:15A CGL 
Streatham Sonics Men 89:61LMBL MD1 04.12.16 16:15H SSC 
Crystal Palace Foxes 2:0LMBL MD1 11.12.16 16:15H SSC 
Kilburn Tigers Men   LMBL MD1 11.01.17 20:15A TCSC 
Hammersmith UNBC 85:80LMBL MD1 22.01.17 16:15H SSC 
Croydon Cougars 97:70LMBL M Cup 29.01.17 16:15H SSC 
London Thunder Kings 2:0LMBL MD1 03.02.17 20:00A LT 
Hammersmith Sr Men A 62:58LMBL MD1 09.02.17 19:30A EHWL 
Hammersmith Sr Men A   LMBL MD1 12.02.17 16:15H SSC 
Erkenwald Sr Men   LMBL M Cup 15.02.17 20:15A RFS
Islington Panthers Men 1   LMBL MD1 26.02.17 10:00A SAC 
London Gators Men   LMBL MD1 04.03.17 16:15H SSC 
Streatham Sonics Men   LMBL MD1 09.03.17 19:30A SCHS 
Erkenwald Sr Men   LMBL MD1 19.03.17 16:15H SSC
Crystal Palace Foxes   LMBL MD1 25.03.17 12:20A HA
Kilburn Tigers Men   LMBL MD1 02.04.17 16:15H SSC